Email Marketing Automation

Scale Revenue with Automated Email Campaigns

Deliver highly personalized email drip campaigns and newsletters. Send unlimited emails, schedule follow-ups, and use pre-built email templates.

Unlimited Sends & Domains

Contact as many prospects as necessary with unlimited emails and connected domains. COSLR provides unlimited access to all email tools & features.

Drip Marketing & Newsletters

Send an email newsletter or schedule email cadences as drip campaigns. Increase sales and retention with highly-personalized emails sent at the right time.

Highly Personalized

Customize emails with dynamic and personalized images! Add in smart macros for a prospect’s name, the company they work for, dates, and much more.

Email Image Personalization!

Deliver email campaigns that get results by dynamically creating images with macros from your lead list.

COSLR’s email personalization tool comes with stock imagery or you can upload a static image to your email newsletter or drip cadence.

Dynamically popular the image with a prospect’s information or from COSLR’s business leads database.

COSLR Email Tool
Email newsletter or sequence

Email Newsletters for Marketing or Sequences for Prospecting

COSLR provides a comprehensive email marketing platform allowing you to send unlimited emails from an unlimited amount of domains.

Automate your cold email outreach and increase your response rate with image personalization.

COSLR also helps ensure email deliverability with an auto-warmup feature.

COSLR email marketing templates

Customize Email Templates to match your Brand

Personalize every aspect of your newsletter or email cadence campaign.

COSLR provides 100+ proven cold email templates to help you get started. Run A/B tests and find the right cadence with the best conversion ate

Match your Brand’s unique tone, personality, and style with conversational experiences that feel alive.

Add a Prospect’s information to the Subject line or Body to get noticed

COSLR provides macros that can be added to emails to help personalize your message at scale.

Add in your prospect’s first name, last name, company name, department, month, year, or day.

COSLR email warm up

Built-in Email Warm-Up to ensure Emails reach the Inbox

COSLR has a network of other users that we exchange emails with from your account. This network of customers will mark them as important to increase your email reputation and ensure your emails reach your prospect’s inbox.


CRM for Tracking email Responses and Managing your Sales Pipeline

COSLR’s Customer Relationship Management feature enables you to fill your sales pipeline with responses from your email outreach.

Identify prospects who’ve shown the most interest in your emails by assigning points to those leads based on their behavior.

Email Tools for everyone from Sales to Customer Service

Sales Reps

Simplify your sales process. Stop wasting time on research and outreach. Focus on closing inbound, qualified leads. Crush your monthly targets and grow your commission!

Lead Generation Providers

Find new leads and convert them into clients. See exactly what your potential clients are looking for and reach them the minute they land on your page.


Find the perfect candidate for a new position. Increase your outreach and fill more roles. COSLR’s outreach tools will help you find candidates anywhere!

Business Development Reps

COSLR will enable you to find the clients that matter to your business. Search for marketing influencers, paying clients, and future co-workers. Crush your quarterly goals!

Founders and CEOs

Search for the contacts that will drive your business forward! New investors, first employees, future engineers, and paying clients. COSLR lets you do more with limited resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send bulk emails?

Yes! COSLR enables you to send an unlimited amount of bulk emails. You can also connect an unlimited amount of domains to initiate those campaigns.

Your emails can be uploaded or transferred to the CRM to organize and then sent as bulk email campaigns.

How do the content macros work?

Sending identical emails over and over is the fastest way to end up in email SPAM folders.

COSLR’s content macros enable you to create variations on the message in the same template.
Example: {Hi | Hey | Hello} {first name}

You can use macros in your email body and in the subject.

Example: If your column name is first_name (from your CSV), add {{first_name}} to replace the value in the template.

Macro to useGenerated when sent
{{generate_date_day_text}}The current day in text, E.g: Monday
{{generate_date_day_number}}The current day in number, E.g: 30
{{generate_date_month}}The current month in text, E.g: September
{{generate_date_year}}The current year in number, E.g: 2020
How much does COSLR cost?

Everyone gets a 7-day free trial to test all of COSLR’s features and services. No credit card is required for the free trial. All features are available, but we put a limitation on the number of leads you can pull during the trial.

The unlimited monthly package is $99/mo. You can bring this cost down to $79/mo by subscribing for the year. Find COSLR Pricing here.

Can I export email data from COSLR?

Yes! You can download CSV files and upload them into any application or transfer it to the COSLR CRM.

COSLR also supports Zapier so you can connect with over 5,000 applications via API.

Zapier supports all major CRMs, Email Marketing services, Messaging platforms, and more.

How do I warm up my email address?

COSLR provides an automatic email warm-up system. We exchange emails from your email account with other customers of COSLR to increase deliverability.

If your email ends up in spam folders in our network of customer’s inboxes then we move it back to the primary inbox so providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) know it is an important domain.

Export to 5,000+ Apps!

Business leads can be exported via Zapier which has more app integrations than any other platform. Connect to the tools you use today. Learn More about Integrations

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