Data Extraction

Extract or Enhance Lead Data from Anywhere!

COSLR’s Data Extraction tool enables you to collect valuable data like emails, phone numbers, and more for a Company. Upload a list of domains to mass export information or enhance individual lead lists.

Extract Company Information

Find emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, & more for a Company

Upload A Domain List

Upload a list of company domains and append contact data such as email address, phone number, social links, and more.

Enhance Fragmented Leads

Turn fragmented and disjointed lists into sales opportunities. COSLR will scan your list and add in missing contact information.

Extract Company Data and Enhance Existing Lead Lists

Find company emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, & more. It’s great for researching email aliases for a Company’s marketing team, PR department, or the newsroom of a news website.

Upload a domain list and COSLR will extract data such as email address, phone number, social links, and more.

The Data Extraction Tool is also a great way to enhance your business lead lists for individual contacts

Company Data Extraction List

Data Extraction Paired With Business Leads

COSLR’s Data Extraction Tool provides data on the Company. This includes items such as Company phone numbers, Company social media accounts, or Email Aliases.

COSLR’S Business Leads database is compromised of individuals who work at those companies. The data includes the individuals’ contact information like name, phone number, or social media profile.

Using both creates a powerful combination for more enhanced prospecting lists and lead information!

COSLR scraper plugin

Works Great With Our Browser Extension

COSLR’s web scraper is a chrome browser extension that lives on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

With a click, COSLR will render the name, job title, email, and LinkedIn profiles of contacts at the company.

Click to save and build a list with all the leads you need.

Business Leads and Enhanced Company Data For Everyone!

Sales Reps

Simplify your sales process. Stop wasting time on research and outreach. Focus on closing inbound, qualified leads. Crush your monthly targets and grow your commission!

Lead Generation Providers

Find new leads and convert them into clients. See exactly what your potential clients are looking for and reach them the minute they land on your page.


Find the perfect candidate for a new position. Increase your outreach and fill more roles. COSLR’s outreach tools will help you find candidates anywhere!

Business Development Reps

COSLR will enable you to find the clients that matter to your business. Search for marketing influencers, paying clients, and future co-workers. Crush your quarterly goals!

Founders and CEOs

Search for the contacts that will drive your business forward! New investors, first employees, future engineers, and paying clients. COSLR lets you do more with limited resources

Export to 5,000+ Apps!

Business leads can be exported via Zapier which has more app integrations than any other platform. Connect to the tools you use today. Learn More about Integrations

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