Lead Generation Chatbot

Chatbots Turn Web Traffic into Qualified Leads

Capture lead data on your website or landing page. Engage prospects with personalized messages and generate qualified leads with a fully customized Chatbot.

Qualify Leads Proactively

Easily capture visitor data & identify high intent leads. Connect those warm leads to the right team so you can convert them or export them to your CRM.

Automate Customer Service

Conversational chatbots keep your customer support team working 24/7. Respond to FAQs or capture customer information for a follow-up response.

Fully Customized Experience

Customize chatbots with colors, scripts, pictures, website positioning, and more. Built for your business needs and ready within minutes.

Chatbots for Lead Generation or Customer Service

Quickly capture customer data and turn anonymous web traffic into high intent leads with a Chatbot. Send email marketing campaigns to landing pages with your chatbot to qualify existing customers for new products or services.

Augment your customer service team by quickly responding to frequently asked questions on your website in real-time.

COSLR chatbot

Say “Goodbye” to lengthy and boring forms that lead to high drop-offs

COSLR provides an all-in-one tool to build, customize, and launch conversational chatbots. No coding is required!

Customize scenarios with various options from multiple-choice questions to call schedulers. Capture visitor data using conversational chatbots to reduce friction and enhance user experience.

Send the collected lead information to your internal team via an email, Slack message, or SMS.

Customized design to match your webpage

Personalize every aspect of your Chatbot’s design to match your website’s look and feel.

Page positioning, color schemes, profile photos, agent names, and more can be changed to match your UI.

Match your Brand’s unique tone, personality, and style with conversational experiences that feel alive.

Chatbots for everyone from Sales to Customer Service

Sales Reps

Simplify your sales process. Stop wasting time on research and outreach. Focus on closing inbound, qualified leads. Crush your monthly targets and grow your commission!

Lead Generation Providers

Find new leads and convert them into clients. See exactly what your potential clients are looking for and reach them the minute they land on your page.


Find the perfect candidate for a new position. Increase your outreach and fill more roles. COSLR’s outreach tools will help you find candidates anywhere!

Business Development Reps

COSLR will enable you to find the clients that matter to your business. Search for marketing influencers, paying clients, and future co-workers. Crush your quarterly goals!

Founders and CEOs

Search for the contacts that will drive your business forward! New investors, first employees, future engineers, and paying clients. COSLR lets you do more with limited resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to build a Chatbot?

Yes! COSLR provides a no-code platform that enables you to design any aspect that you want. Within minutes your lead generation or support-based chatbot can be up and running on your website. Just drop in a javascript tag on the page.

Can I create a Chatbot without knowing how to code?

Yes! COSLR makes it possible for Sales, Marketing, and other non-technical teams to build high-converting Chatbots without knowing how to code. In your dashboard, you can customize designs, add or remove steps in the conversation, and create custom flows to get quality leads.

How much does COSLR cost?

Everyone gets a 7-day free trial to test all of COSLR’s features and services. No credit card is required for the free trial. All features are available, but we put a limitation on the number of leads you can pull during the trial.

The unlimited monthly package is $99/mo. You can bring this cost down to $79/mo by subscribing for the year. Find COSLR Pricing here.

Can I export data from COSLR?

Yes! You can download CSV files and upload them into any application.

COSLR also supports Zapier so you can connect with over 5,000 applications via API.

Zapier supports all major CRMs, Email Marketing services, Messaging platforms, and more.

How do people find the Chatbot?

There are many ways to get website visitors to engage with your Chatbot. You can add it to your homepage or customer support sections, create bots for specific products and product pages, or drop it on Landing Pages to focus on capturing warm leads from ad campaigns.

Is there a limited number of Chatbots I can create?

No. There is no limit on the number of Chatbot widgets you can make or conversations the Chatbots can have.

Export to 5,000+ Apps!

Business leads can be exported via Zapier which has more app integrations than any other platform. Connect to the tools you use today. Learn More about Integrations

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